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Hannes Weikert - CGI Artist

Thank you for taking time visiting my digital portfolio

Hannes Weikert is a Digital Artist working in the industry since 2009.

Leaving my hometown near Dresden to become a 3D Artist at Effekt Etage Berlin at the age of 19.
Effekt Etage gave me the opportunity to enter the world of creating digital images and videos.

So the first years were very exciting as we worked on music videos and  commercials for the automotive industry.

At this time realtime or interactive rendering did not exist and simulation was something very basic or could only find in Hollywood VFX Studios.

When Sehsucht Berlin opened their gates it was time for me to carry on and gather some more experience as a Designer.

Sehsucht was a well known design studio and it thought me how to build compositions, bring shapes together and make images shine.

Another 2 years later I started as a freelancer and since then I have worked for many companies around the globe.

to name a few: slaughterhouse, Spellwork, Monomango, Weareflink, Optix, Paul Schwabe, Foam Berlin, Studio Zeitguised and

I see myself as a digital craftsman, I love to develop and work out digital images and videos and I am available for freelance work.

+49 176 839 52 790

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